I Found What Worked For Me and Lost Over 70 pounds
  Before: 198 pounds After: 125 pounds The Teenage DRAMA As a teenager, it felt like I had no control over the amount of food I would eat. I would grab a bag of chips and devour the whole thing. I also felt really stressed about school—even if it was only high school—and didn't know how to handle it other than eating. Although I was active in junior high by playing softball, volleyball, and basketball, I had to stop sports my freshman year of high school because I injured my shoulder playing softball, which was really a bummer because softball [more]
Find Your Motivation With The Garage Warrior and Wesley Virgin
In this episode, Tyler interviews Wesley Virgin. Wesley is a master motivator and an entertaining guy who’s on a mission to change peoples bodied 7 minutes at a time. Plus, he shares what he thinks is the real secret for getting motivated and staying motivated to succeed. Check it out… In this episode you will learn: How Wesley Build Body Using Mostly Short 7 Minute Workout Routines The 3 Things YOU Need To Add To Your Day That Helped One Client Of His Lose 12lbs In 9 Days Wesley’s Method To Finding Your True Motivation. Find This And Everything Falls Into Place [more]
Transform BellyFat Into A Six Pack!! (30secs)
Honestly I am too tire to type... This workout was tough!! :) [more]
5 Moves To Kill Cellulite
Ladies please listen up and read EVERY word very Closely... But for the past 10 years of training thousands of women around the world, the one question that almost 90% of ladies ask me is this.. Wesley what is the best workout to remove cellulite?!! Guess what?  After searching high and low for the best non threatening workout... Well. Let me tell you a funny CELLULITE Vegas story… :) While I was training a few VIP clients in Vegas a month ago.. I met a cool guy while I was losing my money gambling in the Paris Hotel.. I went to his table [more]
Tough Ab Workout(3min)
Look at the home workout video below... Have you ever wondered why I am always in my kiddos room? Because they never use it!!! LOL But seriously let me show you this cool rock hard ab routine to burn your oblique known as the side abs!!! Or Love handles... I actually pulled this ab workout from my 7DayFitness Blueprint system so you can see I mean business when I work with a Superstar (client).. I hate that word CLIENT!!  So impersonal!! Beginners **  Do the workout at least 3 times today Advanced (Best Results) *** So the workout 7 times back to back [more]
My time  in Afghanistan was challenging.. So may close calls to death that the stories will blow your mind.. But nothing can compare to the decision I had to make one day while sitting in a war zone in the middle of no where.. That 1 Decision changed me... It changed me Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually!! I honestly believe we have moments in our life when we are dissatisfied or upset at ourselves, because we haven't achieved or hit the goal in a certain amount of time... In the video below you will discover the blueprint and the decision I [more]