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7DayFitness Online Weight Loss System — 30 Days


Week 1: You Will Burn fat while you sleep…

Your first week routine will force your body to burn fat during and hours after your 7 minute workout, imagine burning calories while you sleep and lounging around the house.


Week 2: You will Lose 7 lbs in 6 Days!

Detox Week is fun but intense, This Week will rapidly drive toxins out of your body which will activate healthy weight loss so the fat doesn’t return.


Week 3: You Will Lose 7 lbs and 3 inches off your waist!

I dedicate a week to the poochie pooch and design each routine so you can continue to eat some of the foods you love. This week’s routine will speed up your metabolism so you can burn fat and lose inches simultaneously in 6 days.


Week 4: My Clothes Doesn’t Fit Week!!!!!

Week 4 is when the magic happens!! Everyone raves about this week because you only have two options when you finish Week 4; 1. Purchase new clothes or 2. Visit the cleaners to get their clothes re-sized!

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