12 Toxic Thoughts You Need To Drop For A Better Life
  Here are 12 common toxic thoughts that you need to drop in order to have a better life: 1. Thinking that you are a victim. You’re not a victim. So stop blaming other people or your circumstances for your problems. Just because you don’t like where you are now doesn’t mean that you can’t take personal responsibility to change it for the better. So get rid of that victim-mentality because it doesn’t help anything. In fact, it acts as an obstacle to success. Realize that you, and only you, are responsible for your destiny. 2. Thinking that [more]
41 Year old Mother From Texas, Loses 47 Pounds and Gets in Amazing Shape using 7 Minute daily workouts!
During her Transformation - Rhonda lost 47 lbs of Fat, Lost 21.2% Bodyfat, Lost 7″ Around her stomach, lost 5 1/2″ around her hips and lost several pant and dress sizes!!!   Rhonda's Story  These words truly describe the foundation of my experience with Wes at 7DayFitness.  Summer of 2013 was a difficult time for me.  I weighed around 180 pounds and was unhappy with my body and deep down inside I was depressed.  At times I would get so overwhelmed but I am blessed that I have a supportive, loving husband and two wonderful children.   Yet as a working Mom, I was incredibly busy and I put [more]
Sarah sheds 20 pounds and 10% body fat with Online Weight Loss Program!
  Today’s transformation is Sarah. She was inspired to join 7Day Fit when she saw the transformations of her friends Rhonda. What I love about Sarah's story is how she overcame so many doubts and fears that she had, she really tapped into a side of herself that she didn’t know was there. She is a mom and about to hit age 40, and she achieved a body fat percentage of 13% during her 7 Minute Lose Weight Program with Wes. She wasn’t “overweight”, but she also wasn’t happy with where she was and wanted to achieve something greater. I’[more]
Find Your Motivation With The Garage Warrior and Wesley Virgin
In this episode, Tyler interviews Wesley Virgin. Wesley is a master motivator and an entertaining guy who’s on a mission to change peoples bodied 7 minutes at a time. Plus, he shares what he thinks is the real secret for getting motivated and staying motivated to succeed. Check it out… In this episode you will learn: How Wesley Build Body Using Mostly Short 7 Minute Workout Routines The 3 Things YOU Need To Add To Your Day That Helped One Client Of His Lose 12lbs In 9 Days Wesley’s Method To Finding Your True Motivation. Find This And Everything Falls Into Place [more]
Transform BellyFat Into A Six Pack!! (30secs)
Honestly I am too tired to type... This workout was tough!! :)  Before you watch the workout.. Get your butt on the floor and follow along..  I dare you to share this gruesome six pack workout with a friend.. LOL!!! (my evil laugh) [more]
5 Moves To Kill Cellulite
Ladies please listen up and read EVERY word very Closely... But for the past 10 years of training thousands of women around the world, the one question that almost 90% of ladies ask me is this.. Wesley what is the best workout to remove cellulite?!! Guess what?  After searching high and low for the best non threatening workout... Well. Let me tell you a funny CELLULITE Vegas story… :) While I was training a few VIP clients in Vegas a month ago.. I met a cool guy while I was losing my money gambling in the Paris Hotel.. I went to his table [more]