My X Rated Story On How I Lost 5 lbs in 7 Days!
My name Susan and I can't believe I am writing this.. Lol!! Don't let the x-rated part scare ya off! LOL... It will all make sense in a second... But I had to share the unbelievable experience that I had in the last 7 days.. These last 7 days gave me a feeling of relief and excitement that provoked me write a blog post about how I lost 5 lbs fat that had my hubby all over me in the next 7 days on our anniversary.. So to share a bit about myself, I am a 38 yr old mother with two amazing children and [more]
Avoid this 1 FATTENING ingredient that is making 71% of the world FAT!
Hi Superstar, Did you know there are a few DAMAGING ingredients that is keeping the majority of the population fat on PURPOSE? There are actually many but this 1 is in the top 5!! Take my friend Monica, she is a mom, over the age of 40, goes to the gym, eats fairly healthy, but the number on the scale kills her morning motivation right before work. Why is this happening? I believe that most of us are really committed when we begin a workout regimen.. I mean we do everything right, avoid late night cravings, eat unseasoned food and even avoid wine, [more]
Great Morning!! I am Super Happy Today! Why? I Will Tell Ya Later...But I recorded a video this weekend for ya, which explains what celebrities, fitness enthusiast and tight body models do to stay Fit And Slim without the struggle and effort that most of us probably encounter. This is one of my personal secret rituals.. So keep it on the hush!!! The ritual is very UNCONVENTIONAL and Different which means most of the world's population are not of aware of it.. BUT IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! EVERY TIME!! Hell!! I don't know about you, but I am [more]
POWDER FORM   Powder Form, Chlorella, 5.3 Ounce PILL FORM   Chlorella tablets (1250 count, 250g), cold-pressed, 100% raw and pure, from Raw Power Organics "The 21 pound down Success Story.." After a scare from her doctor, Monica shared her heart felt story with me(via email) and asked for my help. After drying the tears that ran down her face, thinking about all the pain to come, if she didn't do something about her weight and health..  Her mom passed away before the age of  55 from heart disease, and she felt scared and uncertain that this would happen to her as well.. But [more]