ATTENTION: “Breakthrough Research Has Proven Long Workouts are a Waste Of Time”

“Boost Your Metabolism and Transform Your Body in 30 Days with Easy 7 Minute Sessions All Without Killing Your Joints or Back!”

Today’s Date is November 24, 2014

From the Desk of Wesley Virgin IV

Master Virtual Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, Master Motivator

Hi I’m Wes,

My friends call me the Get Fit With Passion Guy! And after exiting the military I currently instruct one of the largest weight loss camps in Texas, ranging over 100 people per night.

And I also have one the largest fitness youtube channels that has been seen by more than 1,794,034 people in the last 90 days.

But today… I wanna share how my little boy…

Led me down the road of discovering how
most popular fitness Experts programs like Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, Bob Harper and Shaun T, are DEAD WRONG for anybody around the age of 35 or older!

But before I tell you why… I want you to know that I am a family man first!  And the little fella you see hanging on my neck is my son David, my little Superman… and he opened my eyes to something that is going to shock you but will make you feel a whole lot better about your body and your health… So stick with me…

So I want to jump head first into your unique dissatisfaction about your body and your weight loss struggles.

And my first promise is this… After you learn all the ground breaking research contained in this article, you will have the easiest and most accurate solution to resolve ALL your weight loss and body dislike issues permanently!!

One thing that I know that you want more than weight loss, more than toning, leaning or sculpting your body..

Is to feel Happy about your health and personal appearance!

Am I Right?

And shortly, you are going to see some unbelievable transformations of men and women in their 30′s, 40′s, 50′s and even 60′s, using 7 Minute sequence workouts to look lean and feel the energy synonymous 20 yr old!

All inspired from a tragic event of my 8-yr old son,(which I will share with you shortly), that taught me a very important life lesson when working with people who has pain and frustrations about their body.

But this event changed my entire training style and my life, which resulted in 10,000 middle aged men and women, to get in the best shape of their lives!!

But lets talk about YOU right now..

So I understand if you are bit frustrated and irritated right now.

And you should be!!!

Because you haven’t found the right workout, gym, trainer or fitness program, that fits within your busy schedule, doesn’t kill your joints, and even addresses your major problem areas.

Like the ones we experience after turning 40!

A Thyroid Condition
Bad Genetics
A Body That Gains Weight Easily…
Sensitive Joints
Children  (Gotta love them!)
A Super Busy Schedule
Big Bones!
Food And Sugar Addictions
Problems staying motivated
A History Of Obesity

I totally get it..

Look… I know you want a better looking body.. Badly!!

However, some days you just don’t feel like working out! Am I right?

Honestly, after working 8 to 15 hours a day, putting up with dumdum co-workers, preparing dinner and putting the munchkins to bed..

A nice steamy hot shower, along with a glass of your best evening wine or can of ice cold beer, sounds much better than going to a crowded gym every evening, where people leave their disgusting sweat on the workout machines!!

To be honest it is not your fault!! And there is a much easier way!

For the past ten years I have re sculpted and transformed the bodies of men and women at the largest fat loss camps in Texas and used various unique esoteric techniques to prepare military soldiers in the sands of Afghanistan and Iraq. My current Superstars, BTW I hate the word CLIENT so impersonal, who uses my 7 Minute blueprint, who have tried the Yo Yo diets, the Jack Rabbit jumping DVD programs, Starving Marvin techniques and many infomercial products I can’t list here without the fear of being sued.

Look, I am the only trainer in the world (cocky statement but you will see why this is true in a moment)… who genuinely teaches his superstars the exact blueprint to experience and Feel these 3 emotions..

1. Beginning your day, jumping out of bed with an insane amount of child like energy!

2. Playing for hours with your beautiful little munchkins without going into a coma and losing your breath.

3. And selfishly showcasing your new exotic body on your next vacation while happily wiggling your toes in the sand on the beaches around the world!

You deserve this!!!! And I am going to show you simply how to get this done, in 7 minute short sessions..

Can I Share A Dirty Little Secret With You?

Busting Your Butt In The Gym Is Not How I, Fitness Models And Celebs Get Fit…Let Me SHOCK You For A Second…

You might not believe my next statement, and it may cause your forehead to wrinkle up bit.. But some days even I don’t feel motivated to do pushups, jumping jacks or running on some boring mind numbing treadmill..


Hey let me keep it real!! I am a father, almost 40, I work a full time job(12hrs day), I have church commitments, I donate my time to several charities during the week and on top of that, I instruct one of the largest bootcamps in Houston TX!!!! So during the week there’s no way I can commit hours and hours at a gym facility, I need something quick, fast and to the point!

So after 10 years of research and trying over 1,000 different workout routines around the globe, I finally keened in on a blueprint which simultaneously triggers fat loss, activates abdominal inch reduction and enhances muscle definition  in every area of your body in 7 minute sessions, without the dangers of killing your joints, knees or stressing your back..

But honestly I have to give my 8 yr old son all the credit for this system..

Thinking about that day still frightens me…  But it was that 1 horrific event which helped so many people in their 30′s,40′s 50′s and even 60′s get the support and help they needed to feel and look amazing!

I really didn’t want to share this story because it still hurts in places… but I want to be transparent and for you to see how my 1 on 1 training style affected so many people in a good way like my superstars Daphne and Gud…

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.31.00 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.31.09 AM

The heart breaking day I rushed my 8 yr old son to the emergency room that changed my training style forever..

This story still chokes me up a bit because I wasn’t sure if my son would have brain damage after the tragic event I am about to share with you…  But that day, my little boy taught me something that would change how I train and how I would help people for the rest of my life…

Me, my daughter and my son were at the pool just hanging out one afternoon, you know just spending some quality time with dad before school started back up..

So you know how little boys are.. They want to do flips, back flips, cannon balls basically everything that makes a parent uneasy and worried..

But I have never been so uncertain in my life..  I love my children to death and the thought of losing one would destroy me..

So we all were hanging out in the jacuzzi and David, my son, decided to do front flips in the pool..  Now as a concerned parent I told David not to do flips in the pool because he could hurt himself..

Now, I don’t know if you have a child, niece or nephew, but it doesn’t matter what you tell them, they still feel a need to do what they want to do.. Right?

I turned my head for a second to take a bite of a burger that I prepared before I left the house.. And Not even 5 minutes after I specifically told him not to do flips..  He climbed back up on the side of the jacuzzi pool and did another flip…

But this time everything went wrong!!

The curdling scream that came from his mouth scared me to death…  During the flip his head hit the side concrete of the pool which made a huge gash nearly crushing his skull…

He was crying, my daughter was crying and I quickly grabbed him, ran to the car while wrapping a towel around his head to control the bleeding as we rushed to the hospital..

After arriving to the hospital and seeing the doctor, he told me everything would be ok.. I was like what a relief! Thank GOD!!

David did not crush or fracture his skull and he would not have any brain damage…

For the first time in a long time I cradled my little boy like a new born baby and as a tear passed down my face, struggling brief glimpses of losing him.. Under my breath I told myself this one thing which is why so many people under my training succeeds…

I will purposely give both of my children more love, more support and more attention EVERY SINGLE DAY of their lives until I leave the face of this earth!

That was a rough story for me to share, so just for good measure and to make sure you know that everything turned out ok, here’s a pic of my son David and my princess Deasia today..

Now… I know you might be wondering to yourself what this personal story has to do with you slimming your waistline and building toned or even 6-pack abs, right?


After that day, that philosophy crystallized into 3 training declarations I standby that helped over 10,000 people, to date, to look and feel amazing at any age..

1. I Wesley Virgin IV will  have a very CLOSE BOND with every 7DayFitness Superstar to truly understand their challenges.. for ex. bad knees, hurt back or even a pre-existing illness/condition.

2. I Wesley Virgin IV will pay close attention to your unique lifestyle and struggles, for ex. a busy mom, dad, parent, student, workaholic or even our wise mama’s and papa’s around the world.

3. I Wesley Virgin IV want to know what your Expectations are from me.  Tell me what you really want to see in the mirror in the next 4-6 weeks!!! for ex. body self-confidence, a better you, or just some good ole happiness.

You might be a single mom with children, who doesn’t have time to go to the gym every day, or you might be a person who has been overweight all your life, and every program in the past has failed miserably.

Or maybe you are indeed eating the right foods, and working out, however you still can’t get the fat off!!

Or maybe you are a gentlemen over the age 35 yrs who can’t get rid of that beer gut!

Or maybe you are happily married and want your hubby and wifey to see that attractive person again when you guys first dated.

Again it is not your fault!! You deserve to know what it feels like, to run across the “I made it!” finish line! So you can enjoy the goose bumps from the men or women admiring you from a far.

However I must WARN you

You will not find this blueprint in any gym,trainer, health club, DVD program or late night infomercial.

But hypothetically, lets say you took a chance and threw the dice, and got started with me today. This is what you can expect from me on Day 1… You will immediately feel my PASSION and relentless effort to ensure you scream these 10 enjoyable words on Day 30,  ”I look and feel amazing at the young age of  ____ (fill in the blank)!

Look, my immediate goal is to help you lose weight… Yes!!

However, I’m going to provoke laughter and enjoyment during your first 7 minute session with me..

And I don’t mean one of those superficial ‘my boss made a stupid joke ‘ and I want to keep my job laugh.

On your very first day, you are going to feel one of those good ‘fall off the sofa belly laughs, you know the one that makes your tummy hurt, and brings tears to your eyes?

Just imagine yourself in the next 7 minutes losing, sculpting, leaning and toning ,while I entertain you to make the journey super easy felled with enjoyment and laughter each day..

However, no matter your age or size, this journey is going to be loads fun, but it seriously takes two components..

Me + You = TOGETHER we conquer all!

I Have Used This Philosophy For 10 Years And It Still Works!!

Together I have helped a grandmother lose 30 pounds in 30 days..”

Together I have helped a father lose 50lbs in 2 months and become diabetes free, now fishes every weekend with his daughter without the need of insulin..”

Together I have helped a mom lose 30 pounds, now she confidently enjoys time with her daughter at the beach making sand castles. ”

Together I have helped a single mom with 5 children who hated the thought of working out and sweating, now she can’t seem to wipe the smile off her face because she conquered her weight loss issue.”

Together I have helped a woman who struggled with Yo Yo diets and gyms for many years, not only did she cancel her gym membership, she traded her one piece for a two piece for her trip to the Bahamas.”

Together means Me and You!! Eliminating the Pillsbury belly, the thunder thighs, the bra strap back fat and the under arm jiggly wiggly….”

You will soon discover these type of happy stories are very common in the 7DayFitness family..

So don’t be surprised or alarmed, if your I DID IT story gets posted in the next 30 days..

This Works For Anyone, male or female no matter how busy or how old you are

Over the past 10 years, of serving and training training military soldiers and contractors in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, being featured on several online magazines, becoming a first time 5 star Best Selling Author, and expert guest appearances exposing 3 fat loss smoothie ingredients that as televised on a major media network below…

It is truly an AMAZING FEELING!!

How Does the PROVEN 7DayFitness System Work

  • NO PAIN: My 30 Day System helps you lose weight without the usual workout pain or struggle.  On  Day 1 you will immediately learn my secret technique to eliminate extreme soreness and joint/back discomfort after each workout.  Just imagine jumping out of bed full of energy instead of sorely crawling out of bed after your 7 minute workout. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you’ll see the inches and pounds start to melt away and by how quickly you’ll smile when you look in the mirror.
  • SUPPORT: No one likes to be alone. You will work together with me, a certified nutritionist and other trainers to speed up your results. You’ll be stunned and delighted to discover how we will personally  help you lose your first set of pounds and inches during your first week. (Warning: I am not responsible for an insane early desire to purchase new clothes.)
  • ENERGY BOOST:  After the first 6 days be prepared for your energy levels to go through the roof! On Day 2 you will receive 5 hidden from the public smoothie ingredients that celebrities, bodybuilders and fitness models use to activate daily fat loss, increase stamina and activate natural unused energy. Start your days without the stiff joints, bleary eyes, and the “need coffee” headache. Instead, look forward to jumping out of bed, less a few pounds because the first week you will learn how to burn fat while you sleep. You’ll not only look your best, you’ll have the energy of a 20-year-old.
  • EAT WHAT YOU WANT: There’s no starving yourself here. The 7DayFitness program has you eating plenty of delicious, healthy, satisfying food which boost your metabolism. On Week 1 I will reveal  many amazing toe curling desserts, that you thought were unhealthy, that actually feeds your muscles because of the massive loads of nutrients and high alkalinity levels.  And what’s more—your skin will glow and your hair will be stronger and shinier (because you’re eating the best foods for your body without the expensive organic cost)
  • Wesley has unlocked the underlying reason why so many people fail when they try to lose weight…and he’s got the perfect solution! HINT: It has everything to do with the most important muscle in your body: Your MIND
  • 7 Minutes: Imagine running your hands around your tastefully lean and toned body on Week 4…imagine easily making time in your schedule to exercise because it’s only in 7 minute blocks…imagine a 360 degree change in your BODY where working out becomes the highlight of your day because of all the compliments and admiration!


Each week you will notice very visual changes, so when you leave the house, get used to all the looks of admiration and compliments. You’ll be seeing them a lot when you show off your new amazing body!

Most of all, be happy knowing that you have the confidence and self-esteem that will allow you to be successful in every area of your life.

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Have To Say









testimonials-shaneka kirsten




I’ve Put Everything You Need To Get Started Into One Step-By-Step Blueprint You Can Follow From Day One…
(In The Comfort Of Your Own Home)

BODY BURN WEEK 1:              You Will Burn Fat  While You Sleep!


Your first week routine will force your body to burn fat during and hours after your 7 minute workout is complete. This is called performance active recovery, which promotes nutrient and waste product transport throughout out the body. Basically, imagine your body still burning calories and refueling while you sleep. Fun Week!!

FAT ELIMINATOR WEEK 2:        You will Lose The Most Pounds!

FAT ELIMINATORFat Eliminator Week is fun yet intense! This Week will rapidly drive toxins out of your body which will re-activate healthy weight loss so the fat doesn’t return. This week interrupts the “store fat” pattern, so your body can reverse the process to eliminate fat rather than store it. Exciting Week!!

ITTY BITTY WAIST WEEK 3: Look 4 inches smaller in 6 days!


I dedicate a full week to the poochie pooch because that is everyone’s biggest issue. The routine is designed to speed up your metabolism rapidly, so you can still have a few late night snacks. Prepare to lose a lot of inches this week. Your abs will be on FIRE!! ..however your waist line will decrease significantly in 6 days.

LEAN WEEK 4:                         New Fitted Clothes Will Be Required!


Week 4 is when the magic happens!! Everyone raves about this week because you only have two options when you finish Week 4; Throw away your old clothes and Purchase new ones!! 7 minutes of hell is 7 different exercises completed in 7 minutes back to back.


With everything above, this package should cost you $297.70 but you’re NOT gonna pay anything close to that…

Keep reading because I’m gonna tell you how to 
activate weightless and inches around your entire body but also an INSANE discount today only


  • You will begin with the 30 Day Beginner Bootcamp challenge. I ask you for a few minutes a day – no more – no less. Each day is totally unique and different, so we can promise you there will never be a dull moment. In fact – don’t tell anyone – you may even discover getting a new body can be a lot of fun.
  • You will never be hungry with 7DayFitness! That’s because we’ll show you how to boost your weight loss by eating more of the right foods. The Meal Tracker tool lets you analyze your meals in real time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks).
  • You get 24/7 access to our certified Nutritionist who will make sure you’re eating exactly what you need for maximum results! 7DayFitness combines a great healthy eating plan with unique 7 minute workouts—it’s a killer combination for a killer body.
  • Unlike other online programs, I’m always here to answer your questions, explain the exercises, and keep you accountable. You get a 24/7 online trainer to make sure you stay on track.
  • We know your schedule is busy, and life can be unpredictable, so 7DayFitness is equipped for you to set your own personal workout reminders (“I forgot” just isn’t an excuse anymore because we make it so easy!)
  • No more opening the fridge and wondering “What’s for dinner?” as you pull out some junk food. You get 2 weeks of meal plans PLUS full access to our virtual “kitchen” full of great, tasty recipes. We know you’re busy so these recipes are tested and proven to be quick, easy to make, filling, healthy, and best of all, delicious. We’ll also teach you how to cook in bulk so that you’ll always have a stock of healthy food in your freezer.
  • The Caloric Counter lets you keep track of your food, and keeps you accountable so that you’re less likely to binge on junk food.
  • Motivator Buddy System is a unique tool that lets you find people just like you who have the same weight loss goals. One of the biggest reasons people stop exercising is a lack of motivation. You will have a built-in support system of people rooting for you!
  • The Workout Box lets you design your own workouts based on your problem areas and intensity levels. Custom design a program that is perfect for you, so you’ll never be bored and you’ll make the most of your 7(!) minutes a day.

PLUS Over $297 In FAST ACTION Bonuses!

BONUS #1 – Valued at $49.99

The Ultimate Six Pack Ab 30 Day Intensive

Carve 4-8 inches on your waist in just one month. Circle the date on the calendar, because it will be shopping day!

BONUS #2 – Valued at $49.99

Skinny Jeans And Buns To Perfection 30 Day Program

If your butt and thighs has always been your problem area(for ex. Cellulitis) you will never have to worry about it again! Instead, on day 30 you will look over your shoulder and be amazed at your shaped, toned and perfect butt.

BONUS #3 – Valued at $49.99

30 lbs Less in 30 Days Full Blown Nutritional Plan

The Meal Plan that enabled me to lose 10 Pounds of fat in 7 Days! This is the exact food schedule many celebrities use during movie preparation

BONUS #4 – Valued at $19.99

Powerful Sex Foods And Stimulants (They Don’t Want You To Know About)

There are certain foods (you don’t know exist) which are extremely healthy by very potent which enhances estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Discover the secrets to eat great food, lose weight and have the best sex of your life!

BONUS #5 – Valued at $49.99

How To Secretly Accelerate Weightloss on Autopilot

Ever wondered why certain people can start a fitness program and always lose weight? And when you use the same program and eat the same foods, you do not lose an ounce.

In this audio MVT Wesley Virgin explains why this happens and how to break the pattern so the weight will fall off effortlessly.

BONUS #6 – Valued at $49.99

How To Still PROGRESS When You Start To PLATEAU

Ever wondered why you start to lose weight and all of a sudden you hit a fat loss plateau!!! There is an absolute reason why this happen to over 97% of the population, and MVT Wesley Virgin reveals an incredible technique to do before the plateau every occurs.

Finally you will be able to enjoy the feeling of the scale dropping every 7 days never plateauing again.

BONUS #7 – Valued at $49.99

Wesley Reveals The 1 Secret That The Most FIT And Sexiest People In The World Use To Keep Their Bodies Top Notch!

Ever wondered what the celebrities, fitness models and all the fitness infomercial workout guys and gals use to keep their body super hot and fit? hint hint.. It is not working themselves to death at the gym and taking pills!

MVT Wesley Virgin unveils the secret on a private call he had with a few VIP clients who paid him hundreds of dollars per hour to train them personally. Because of the exclusivity of the call, this Bonus will be discontinued after the first 1000 superstar clients who purchase the program!



The 7DayFitness System Is NOT For Everyone…

That’s right!

If you think you are gonna lose fat around every inch of your body without work… Think again!

Although I did my best to create a simple step-by-step blueprint that will lead you from the 7DayFitness System, it does require work. You do have to follow the workouts at least 7 minutes per day in order to get the results your looking for.

But… Like I said before, the Body Burn Week will help you burn fat while you sleep at it will only take 7-9 minutes to complete and  “Lean Week″ where your clothes will start to feel loose will only take 10-14 minutes!

This means that although you have to do some work, it doesn’t have to take up very much of your time. The reality is, if you don’t have 7 minutes to spend on training your body the right way, then this program is NOT for you.

AND… There’s more BAD NEWS…

If you are motivated to make a change… To get rid of your ugly poochie pooch, muffin top or beer gut then you should know this…

You’ll NEVER get the results you want from following “traditional” bust your butt workouts!

YES…  I hate to break it to you but, this is 100% TRUE!

In FACT, many of the “traditional”  workout programs that the fitness informecials and the local “Trainer Guru’s” are preaching are NEVER gonna help you lose unwanted fat and build lean and defined muscle.

The reason is because the 7DayFitness Blueprint that I am about to teach you will re-stimulate your core and entire body to work together, using short burst sessions, while “traditional” exercises often do the opposite treating each of your problem areas, for ex. thunder thighs, jiggly under arm fat aka chicken wang, beer gut, love handles, thigh cottage cheese, saggy bust and the man boobs, as an isolated body.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t work this way and by isolating your muscles using these “traditional” exercises you can actually make the problem (i.e. especially your gut) WORSE!

This means that the ONLY WAY for you to reactivate  and restimulate your body’s natural mechanism to burn fat and build muscle is to follow the Body Burn Week day by day, that I laid out for you in the first week of the 7DayFitness System.

AND… If you’re even slightly skeptical then…

Here’s the BEST NEWS of all…

We know that you’re probably thinking to yourself that the benefits you’ll get from following along to the workouts contained in 7DayFitness System sound a little too good to be true, right?

Well… I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that when I first discovered this unique training technique when I was overseas in Iraq with the military. I remember thinking to myself, “can 7 minute workouts really make a difference to the way my body look and feel?”

After only 2 weeks of using the exercises in the program I can absolutely say with confidence…

YES! These exercises CAN make a HUGE difference on the way your body look and feel!

PLUS… To ease your concern,  I decided to remove all risk from your side and take it on ourselves. This way you have no excuse not to try 7DayFitness System and see the results for yourself. Which is why we decided to give you our industry first “TRIPLE” Guarantee!

If we don’t meet and exceed your expectations,all you have to do is send me an email and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked and we can still be friends



Guarantee #1: Use my 7Day System on ME. If you do not see fast results in the first 14 days, no matter what your goals are (lose weight, shape up or reduce inches). I will give you a 100% of your money back.

Guarantee #2: If you don’t like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

Guarantee #3: Even if you don’t like my haircut in the workout videos, I will send you your money back no questions asked!

I hope that by now, I’ve proven to you how dramatic the changes you’ll feel and see in your body on Week 4 by following my 7DayFitness “Step By Step” Blueprint.

I also hope you see the tremendous value in the Bonus Package I created for you. And… I’m sure you’re scratching your head wondering to yourself, “how much is this comprehensive training system gonna cost me?”


Let’s say you decided to learn this stuff on your own, right? You would have to fly out to Texas, pay me my usual hourly rate of $500 and study with me for a minimum of 10 hours just so you could get close to grasping the 7 Minute Blueprint I’m gonna teach you in the 7DayFitness System.

AND… If you wanted to learn the EXACT sequence of Micro Six Pack Intensive and Skinny Jeans Perfection Workouts you’re about to learn in the Bonus Package I prepared for you. You would also have to come and train with me for no less than 3 months which would cost you a minimum of $10,000!

Here’s the GREAT NEWS

You’re NOT gonna have to pay $10,500 to learn these body training secrets. Heck… You’re not even gonna have to pay 2% of that amount.
That’s because TODAY ONLY


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.41.11 PM

30 Motivating Instructional Videos, Beginner Workout Guide, Workout Logs And Progress Sheets, Motivational Buddy System, Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Complete Kitchen Area, 100+ Body Targeted Virtual Workout Box Videos,  Micro Six Pack Ab Intensive Videos, Skinny  Jeans To Perfection Videos, 8 Week Meal Plan and After Workout Follow Along Motivational MP3′s

15 Minute Limited Time Offer

You’re entitled to a special coupon offer. Please wait a moment while we calculate your discount….

When You Make The Wise Decision To Invest In A Copy Of The 7DayFitness System You Will…

  • You Will Be Able To Rock Your Skinny Jeans Again!
  • Your Back Will Be Muscular and Lean.. No More Bra Strap Back Fat!!
  • Your Neck Will Be Firm And Youthful!
  • Boost your Energy 10 Times Over
  • See The Scale Take a Nose Dive Every Morning Without The Struggle
  • Taste The New Delicious Smoothie Ingredients That Activates Weight Loss Every 7 Days
  • Feel Happy That You Are Now Receiving Compliments from your friends and co workers
  • Have More Time and Energy With Your Family and Most of All Yourself!
  • Look And Feel Like A 20 yr Old No Matter If You Are 30, 40 or even 50 years of age

Click The “Buy Now” Button To Activate Your 7 Minute Body Burn Sessions And Your Special Discount Price Of Just $47
PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $419!)



I’m Only Accepting A 100 Members At This Price…You Need To Act NOW!

Time is critical… it’s of the essence if you want to claim your spot at just $47. I cannot stress this enough!

Also If you want in the “Elite 7Day Superstar Group” then you absolutely must order TODAY and secure your $47 price. If you click the button today, I will guarantee you the $47 price and enroll you into the “Elite 7Day Superstar Group.” I cannot make that promise for tomorrow, because I’m cutting it off at 100 Superstar members… no exceptions.

When you click below and order today, you will see a unique badge similar to the one to the left, appear on your training profile, this is a special badge which signals the 7DayFitness Certified Trainers and Nutritionists to get moving on your behalf immediately to fast pace you through the first 30 days and recognize your “unique to you” weight loss challenges and your desired weight loss goals.

Warning: I cannot promise this offer will be here tomorrow, so if you would like to join the Elite 7Day Superstar group act now.

Click The “Buy Now” Button To Activate Your 7 Minute Body Burn Sessions And Your Special Discount Price Of Just $47 PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $419!)


If You’re Not 100% Sure That This Program Can Dramatically Change The Way Your Body Look And Feel, Then Here’s My Parting Tip For You…

I’ll be brutally honest with you…

I’m personally responsible for over 10,000 real world body transformations and I became a Best Selling author in the health and fitness industry in the first week!  But the ONE THING I noticed was people had a problem keeping themselves motivated and encouraged when they faced uncertainty.

The reality is, if all you do is make kit through the first week and use the 8 Fat Loss Meal plan for the next 7 days, you’ll see noticeable results in the way your body looks and feels.

For most people, this is usually enough to motivate you to keep following my 7 minute workouts so you can continue to decrease inches around your waistline, thighs and arms, and increase your energy and eventually sculpting a toned body that you desire.

However… For every person that I see take action and commit to using  the 7 DayFitness Blueprint, The Ultimate Six Pack Intensive and Buns And Thighs To Perfection System, there’s another person who ignores this information completely and continues for another year, or more NOT getting any results.

Which leaves me with one final question for you… Which person do you want to be?



Takes Action right now and start sculpting and toning every inch of your body only using 7 minute intervals. Instantly have the child like energy so you can enjoy the park and active events which your munchikins. Every morning surprised to feel that your clothes becoming lose around your body. For the first time in a long time feeling confident and seeing your face glow because you know the SECRET of how to easily activate your youth hormone.


Ignores the 7 DayFitness Blueprint and ends of 30 days from now looking at the same undesirable body that every day is killing your self esteem and self confidence. Then wondering to themselves if the 7 Minute Blueprint and the secrets contained in the program would have worked for them. Instead of blaming the workout programs, they blame poor genetics or their age and continue to stay trapped in a body that they hate.

The choice is yours… Either go on with your life and choose to be content with the mediocre results you get from your gym or fitness DVD workouts OR… Try something new, that you’ve likely never heard of before for the chance that you will finally start seeing real results from your body weight training workouts. All you have to do right now is…

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I wanted to make this program super affordable for any man or woman wanting a fresh start to get in shape from their home. Let’s put it this way: you’ll actually save money every month when you cancel your monthly gym membership and fire your uninvolved personal trainer!

I did all the hard work for you. It took me 7 years to create the entire program that you are about to be exposed to, which allows you to stay at home, and get all the support you need to get in the best shape of their life! I don’t want anything to hold you back from taking advantage of this opportunity to give yourself the body you deserve.

You will receive immediate access to the full program including all the workouts, the real time meal tracker, recipes, the 7DayFitness support system, a 24/7 Certified nutritionist. Wesley wanted his future superstar clients to get value, lose weight, have fun and achieve happiness without breaking the bank. So he set the price at $47 for the first 100 Superstars inclusive of an insane guarantee. Plus You Get My…


Master Virtual Trainer
Master Motivator
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P.S. – Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing. Success in life requires action,so act right now while it’s fresh in your mind…

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Q: What results can I expect in the first 7 days?

A: Everyday you will notice how simple my methods are and how the my secret fat burning super foods will speed up the fat burning process even while you rest at night . Not everyone is the same, but after the first 7 days with the 7DayFitness Blueprint, most people experience one or more of the following…” more energy, 5lbs lighter, self realization, self motivation, joy, a positive change in their physiological states. In addition, in completing each 7 minute cycle, the exercises will become automatic, simple and habitual.

Q: How can a 7 minute daily workout benefit me?

A: Conventional gyms and personal trainers are still preaching that it is necessary to work out at least 45 minutes to an hour to get that sexy body. I know that’s just plain painful and unnecessary. Recent scientific studies show that our bodies require no more than a quick few minute burst sessions repeated daily to produce outstanding results.

Q: How does virtual training work?

A: A virtual trainer is someone who will motivate and encourage you. They help will help you create a habit from a psychological standpoint to establish the inner desire and commitment to get in shape. As opposed to a personal (in-person) trainer, who works with clients once or twice a week, a virtual trainer is in constant contact with you. This creates an instant rapport and a unbreakable bond so you can see visible results faster. The frequent interaction allows trainers to impart information and advise beyond physical training to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Virtual trainers are not demanding and will never criticize you. Trainers motivate, inspire and mentally stimulate you to reinforce the faculties on your mind, so your results are long term.

Q: Do I need to buy special equipment?

A: No special equipment is needed. Any “equipment” you may use is an everyday household item – towel, chair and maybe small light dumbbells. We make it our responsibility to ensure the program is easy and convenient to match your lifestyle.

Q: $47 one time payment  for trainers, video programs and nutritionist sounds to good to be true?

A: Master Trainer Wesley Virgin feels that gym facilities and conventional personal trainers are too expensive and unfortunately they are more concerned with making money instead of helping clients. Wesley also understands the economical challenges today, which is the reason for the significant decrease in price but not a decrease in value and service to all of his superstars like yourself. He if a very unique individual, he is passionate about helping you GET FIT WITH PASSION.

Q: How do I decide which goal(s) to shoot for first? A: This is why the trainer is so important because he/she will spend time with you to identify your goals and your WHY. (Why? Why is this so important to you now? Why will you not quit?)  You will take a quick assessment so we can correctly identify your goals and expectations.

Q: How often can I interact with a trainer and nutritionist?

A: Trainers and nutritionist are available as you need them and they will interact with you on a constant basis catered to your unique needs and wants.

Q: How does the motivational buddy system work?

A: After you click the buy button and register to create your unique fitness profile.  You will have the option to choose a current superstar who is somewhat like yourself, to help motivate you for the next 30 to 90 days.  Basically they will keep the pep in your step and keep your fire burning because they understand your struggle and challenges.

Q: How do trainers communicate with me – telephone, email, Skype, other?

A: Currently our trainers communicate via the 7Day message center and email. It is important to your success to log in daily to retrieve your workout for the day and to converse with your trainer. Our trainers will send you a Check Up From The Neck Up messages to ensure you stay on track.

Q: How can I lose weight and shape up without going on an extremely low calorie diet and exercising only for a few minutes a day?

A: We’ve all been conditioned to believe that success is derived from a low calorie diet with no carbs and no fats. INCORRECT. Everyone’s body and digestive system is different. Starving yourself is never the answer. Years of eating unhealthy foods is not an easy habit to break (a heart attack intervenes). Instead of demanding overnight dietary changes, we gradually move you to foods that taste good and that are good for you. All our clients get a cheat day on Day 7 where they can eat whatever they feel is “sinfully blissful” for the day. In terms of workout, many people are convinced that the more one works out the faster the results. NOT SO! It is an apple a day to keep the doctor away!! Not 6 apples on Saturday. Consistent and persistent behavior will create a habit that will cause you to adopt a lifestyle of fitness subconsciously. It only takes a minimum of 90 days folks!!

Q: Why do I keep reverting back to my old “out of shape” self?

A: You work out for a few months and get in shape and fall back to the old habits because you were not conditioned mentally, only physically. Physical fitness is only half the battle, all fitness is 80 percent mental. Gyms and personal trainers give folks a temporary band-aid but never address the actual issue. We associate more pain to staying in shape than pleasure (PAIN= diets, hour-long workouts, soreness, restriction of food, etc). 7DayFitness conditions you mentally and physically so you will think of health/fitness as automatically as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Q: What can 7DayFitness do to keep me at goal for the rest of my life?

A: As long as you continue to log in and converse with trainers there is no room for failure. Our methods are fun and entertaining, yet very effective. It is our goal to ensure your goal becomes your lifestyle.

Click The “Buy Now” Button To Activate Your 7 Minute Body Burn Sessions And Your Special Discount Price Of Just $47 PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $419!)